We use an organic crème wax and fabric strips making the experience as gentle on the skin and as comfortable as possible.

Hot wax is used for intimate waxing.

Skin candy is also available as a gentle option for facial hair removal. This is an edible sugar paste creating very little reaction on the skin, perfect for sensitive skin.


Half leg Lower half £17
  Top half (no b/wax) £23
  Top half and bikini wax £29
  Top half and Brazilian £35
  Top half and LA strip £37
  Top half and Hollywood £38
¾ leg   £24
Full leg   £28
Full leg & bikini   £33
Full leg & Brazilian   £40
Full leg & LA strip   £43
Full leg & Hollywood   £47
Bikini wax   £12
Brazilian wax (landing strip)   £22
LA strip wax (small strip/ clear underneath)   £26
Hollywod wax (all hair removed)   £30
Under arm wax   £11
Lip wax   £9
Chin wax   £10
Lip & chin wax   £15
Lip, chin & sides of face   £22
Eyebrow wax   £10
Forearm wax   £16
Full arm wax   £23
Back wax   £25
Chest wax   £25

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Originating from India over 6,000 years ago, a piece of cotton thread is used to remove unwanted hair. A great option for sensitive skin.

Eyebrows £10
Lip £9
Chin £11
Lip & chin £17
Lip, chin & sides of face £25

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A consultation is necessary before treatment.

The only true permanent method of hair removal. A disposable probe is used to supply a small amount of electrical current to cauterise the blood supply to the hair. Each hair is treated individually, and more than one treatment is expected per hair.

We use 2 methods which are explained in the consultation.


Thermolysis 10 mins £14
  15 mins £16
  20 mins £19
  30 mins £27
Blend 10 mins £16
  15 mins £19
  20 mins £22
  30 mins £32

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Advanced Electrolysis

Milia removal From £15

Thread Vein Treatment

A consultation is necessary.

A fine probe is used to cauterise each dilated capillary. Thread veins sit just under the surface of the skin. There are many causes, and often they become more noticeable as we mature. A very successful treatment for facial veins.

Thread vein treatment £40–60 per session

Skin tag removal

A consultation is necessary.

Skin tags are harmless growths on the skin, usually caused by skin to skin, or clothing to skin rubbing.

Price varies due to the number of tags treated , and the time taken for treatment.

Skin tag removal From £20

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